Modded Minecraft since 2011

We are not currently running any modded servers.

MonoPack & Modded Minecraft Servers

MonoSoho first ran early Tekkit and FTB packs back from 2011. Frustration over waiting for bug fixes and so on saw us launching our own custom "MonoPack" soonafter.

Since then there has been a series of MonoPacks on various platforms. Currently only the last few are available for download, I'm looking through old files to see if any others can be resurrected.

Gone are the days when we run several modded servers simutaneously. As we no longer maintain the huge server box in Sydney, we can only run one at a time.


MonoPack8 is hosted on Curse/Twitch

There's a link to 'CurseForge Modpacks' in the top menu bar. You will need the Twitch desktop client to install it.

Note this WAS a test server for MonoPack8 and was shut down end of Feburary 2018. You can still play Monopack8 in single player however.

Once you have the Modpack running. Click on Multiplayer to go to the multiplayer screen and enter the server's address into the text box

If you did the above all corectly you should be standing at spawn.

Long live the distraction!