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What if Beta went a different way...

...after beta 1.7.3 the Adventure Update was released by Mojang, changing how the game worked in many ways.

"Better Than Adventure" (BTA) is a fork of Beta 1.7.3 making many additions to the game while also maintaining the look and feel of the game pre-adventure update.

We're currently running BTA Beta 1.7.6_01.

How to play

Once you have BTA installed, the IP is

Whitelist Requests

The server is in Whitelist Mode, meaning that you will need a valid Mojang Minecraft account, a client with BTA installed (see below), and be added to the whitelist.

The whitelist is managed via monosoho's Community Discord. @monotonehell your Minecraft IGN in the #register channel and ask to be whitelisted. Remember timezones exist so allow up to a day for this to happen.

Information about the BTA fork

BTA Minecraft Forum Post

BTA Discord Server invite.

How to install

Below are two choices for instalation; BetaCraft Launcher or MultiMC Launcher. Choose the one with which you feel more comfortable.

BTA in BetaCraft Launcher

Note the instructions on the Minecraft Forums are out of date.

BetaCraft is a group focused on old-school Minecraft. It was founded in 2013, starting as a Minecraft nostalgia server, they also provide the BetaCraft Launcher, which brings back legacy versions support (created in August 2018) and the BetaCraft Proxy, which fixes inaccuracies common in other launchers (created in March 2018). A combination of the proxy and the launcher fix the biggest flaws of the official Minecraft launcher. For example, they provide fixes for skins, capes, lack of sound effects, client crashes, etc.

To install BetaCraft Launcher with an instance of BTA:

  1. Go get BetaCraft Launcher from their website and install it.
  2. Use the 'Log in' button to connect to your Minecraft/Mojang/Microsoft account.
  3. Next you need to locate your BetaCraft folder. Easiest way to do this is to click 'Edit Instance' and 'Game Directory' and take note of the folder that points to.
    Windows: C:\Users\[windows user name]\AppData\Roaming\.betacraft
    Linux: /opt/BetaCraft/.BetaCraft
  4. Exit BetaCraft
  5. Download the from BTA's Github.
  6. Extract '' and 'bta.jar' from the zip file
  7. Put 'bta.jar' in the versions folder in your BetaCraft folder.
  8. Put '' in the jsons folder which is in the versions folder.
  9. Reopen BetaCraft Launcher, and click the 'Instances' button.
  10. Create a new instance and name it whatever you like.
  11. Back on the main screen click the 'Select Version' button.
  12. Find 'BTA [Custom]' in the (long) list and select it.
  13. Click Play and BetaCraft should launch BTA. Start a single player game to check it's all working.
  14. You should now be able to connect to the multiplayer server using the IP above.

BTA in MultiMC Launcher

MultiMC Launcher

MultiMC is an open source Minecraft Launcher, which has many features, like managing multiple instances of Minecraft all to be installed at once with their own versions, configs and mods.

To install MultiMC with an instance of BTA:

  1. Go get MultiMC from their website and install it.
  2. In MultiMC, click the 'Add Instance' button (top left corner).
  3. Name your instance whatever you like (and optionally add it to a group if you want).
  4. Select 'Import from zip' and paste in the following link:
  5. Click OK

MultiMC should download the instance and install it. Add your Minecraft account to MultiMC (top right corner). Once your Mojang credentials are added, launch the instance and connect to the IP shown above.