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A Minecraft Beta 1.3 Server

Server now closed

Beta 1.3 will live forever! But somewhere else, I guess.

Remember February 22, 2011? That was the day that Minecraft Beta 1.3 dropped. A little buggy, sure. But for many it was after this point that Minecraft started to not be Minecraft. Later versions strayed away from the simpler, creative game and towards a more RPG style game centered on combat.

Now around eight years later, nostalgia has driven us to go Back to the Beta.

But Old Minecraft is broken!

Mojang have provided a lot of old versions in their official launcher, BUT none of the classic, alpha or beta versions can be played in multiplayer.

Monotonehell decided he liked Beta 1.3 the most out of all the beta versions, so he has made a mod for that version that imports current authentication, skins and even capes if you have one into Beta 1.3 so we can all play online without need for offline auth plugins.

So how do I play?

First you need MultiMC. It makes installing the mods easy.

  1. Go get MultiMC, install it and install an instance of Minecraft Beta 1.3_01. I'll wait here while you do that.
  2. Next download this zip file that contains the mod.
  3. Open the mods folder in MultiMC and save the there. Main menu > [Folders] > [View Central Mods Folder]. You don't have to extract it, just drop a copy of the zip file there.
  4. Next right click on the Minecraft Beta 1.3_01 instace you installed and select [Edit Instance]. From the menu in the right hand side of the instance window, select [Add to Minecraft.jar], choose the and you're done.

Launch the instance and connect to ""

See you in game!

About monosoho

monosoho was one of Australia's biggest Minecraft servers, created by monotonehell (often shortened to 'mono'). Thousands of people mined and crafted on the same map from December of 2010 until June 2015.


The old monosoho rules still apply...

  • Don't be a dick.
  • No theiving
  • No greifing.

Note a modded client and a valid Mojang account are required to join. See the 'But Old Minecraft is broken!' section for instructions.

Server IP:


Top 10 Stone Block Miners of All Time

Player Blocks
JustARegularNerd 15947
Lt_Bellamy 9900
monotonehell 7295
Ferrlius 5975
Gemini_Tiger 5297
fvtixx 5093
SkullDagger7920 4119
TeslaTurboDiesel 4045
DoeJoe8 3948
Serpickle 3451