monosoho | alpha minecraft

A long time ago in a server far far away...

monosoho ran a Vanilla Minecraft server starting back in November 2010 on Alpha Minecraft 1.2.0.

After all the changes to Minecraft over the years, a certain amount of nostalgia for the old days has appeared. And so, after digging up the source code for a few of the old server mods, monosoho presents a new Alpha server.

Currently running Alpha 1.2.0, it was started in 1.1.2. So has that early Alpha terrain around spawn.

How to play

The server is in Online Mode, meaning that you will need a valid Mojang Minecraft account, and a client with Online Mode enabled (see below) — No AuthMe!

You will not be able to place or break blocks as a visitor. To be made a citizen you need to ask a mod in game or DM monotonehell in Discord.

Once you have Online Mode enabled, the IP is

Alpha 1.2.0 aka the Halloween Update was released wayyyyy back on 30 October 2010. Happily Mojang have included single player Alpha 1.2.0 in the official launcher. But sadly they have disabled multiplayer online mode, skins and the original sounds. To get it to work you need an OnlineMode mod.

There is a number of ways to acheive this from manually modding the original game files, to launchers that will help you do this, to launchers that will do it for you.

Below are instructions for MineOnline, BetaCraft Launcher and MultiMC. We recommend MineOnline or Betacraft Launcher as these have Online Mode built in. MultiMC is a good option if you like to mod your game further, and requires an Online Mode mod to be downloaded separately and installed.

Enabling Online Mode

Select a launcher's name below to see more info and instructions on how to use it.